Engineering is the means by which we take your ideas into reality.  We do this by following the intent of a 3 phase approach.

Our Three Phase Approach

1. Conceptualisation

Here we help you take your idea and expand it into the context where its meant to be.  We’ll help you define the problem you’re solving – better.  We understand how to take a functional approach into requirements.  This will enable you to develop further concepts, as well as truly challenge the feasibility of your ideas.  This is your first steps into the Innovation Valley-of-Death, and history will be against you, as only 1% of all ideas make it into reality.  We can help with increasing your chances, or help you realise that maybe the time is not quite right yet to venture into the Valley.

2. Design

Your idea has passed its initial trials by fire, now it’s time to commit.  In the Design stages we assist you in progressively expanding the engineering understanding of your solution, we also introduce you to financial projections, project timescales an level of effort that you’re going to need to get your design built.  Some testing may be required.  In fact, even if you’re just integrating existing components that can be found on the shelves of the industrial world, you’re still going to need to test something.  Problem is, with testing, failures are implied.  We believe in embracing these failures as opportunities to learn and improve, while at the same time understanding that failing needs to be fast.  Learning fast in today’s world is not a luxury, it a strategic advantage.  You’re going to need to plan mitigations, understand cost and time implications, as well as convince your investors that despite your failures, you are progressing.  Its not easy if you want to do this by yourself.    Inexorably, while testing is underway, you already need to start considering integration and scaling.  Nothing happens in series anymore and concurrency is the only route to get a Design matured.  You’re going to need help.

3. Build

You need to take all your hard work from a Design on paper into building something that adds Value.   To get there things need to be procured, contracts administered, and councillors consulted.  Again, concurrently your build need to take place, with some more testing, commissioning and finally, you can launch Value into the wide world.  This last stage is the hardest, and there will be things that you have forgotten.  Orchestrating your Build requires an internal paradigm shift, and having a Capability partner along the way will enable  you to Create and Collaborate beyond imagination.

Making a Difference is going to require you to think differently than you previously did. Our Engineering approach will help you see the way ahead, and get you where you want to be.