Research and Development Projects

A number of clients have enlisted the services of Blue Lens to help them turn their Concept into Reality. The Blue Lens team have a pipeline of potential technical candidates under evaluation. The team rigorously front end test each opportunity. We have adopted a fail fast methodology, that works well with small budgets for rapid prototyping. Here is a brief summary of what we have been up to.

Our Recent Projects

Construction Material

Blue Lens in collaboration with University of Queensland, tested and developed an innovative alternative to plasterboard. Staarboard is fire and water resistant, insulative and very tough wall lining product.

Water Treatment

In collaboration with Blue Quest, Blue Lens Group is leading commercialisation efforts to bring new and disruptive water treatment technologies to Queensland and the Australian market.

Oil & Gas

Blue Lens Group is providing design inputs to an international Oil & Gas company on an innovations project that has the potential to revolutionise operating expenses.