Consulting Services

We believe that the management of Assets can only be done effectively if you look after your Operations, Maintenance, Engineering and your Supply Chain.  Each of these brings with it their share of challenges which, if managed in isolation, consumes resources.

Blue Lens Group - Consulting

Labour Hire

Labour Hire

Blue Lens Group is a registered Labour Hire Provider. Let Blue Lens assist you with all your labour needs. 
Licence Number: LHL-01436-V9G7F

Asset Management

Asset Management

Let Blue Lens Group assist you with your Asset Management needs, allowing your organisation to achieve your financial, compliance and performance targets.

Intergrated Logistics

Integrated Logistics

Blue Lens Group has deep roots in the field of Defence Integrated Logistics. Our consultants have extensive knowledge in Defence acquisition and support projects.



Blue Lens Group prides itself on developing complete engineering solutions for your needs. Blue Lens Consulting can support you during your engineering project.

Project Management

Project Management

Blue Lens Group can help your

organisation to execute your projects successfully, ensuring that projects run 

on time and budget.